Log home and timber frame innovations

There’s a special charm – a special appeal to a log cabin. It’s warmth and natural beauty – even the smell of a log home is different. Log homes are a legacy passed on to us by the pioneers of history. In our travels we’ve found log buildings more than a thousand years old. Still standing. Still solid.

Since 1979 we’ve been building on this tradition, marrying history with innovation to produce customized homes that perform today and for the decades to follow. We have redefined the traditional ways of joining logs together to produce a truly energy efficient home. We’ve introduced new ways to install windows and doors and a thru bolt system to allow for tightening after your home is built. We marry modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create unique timber frame designs. And we continue to craft new and award-winning designs that are a reflection of your lifestyle..

The following log and timber frame innovations are just a few good reasons to choose an 1867 Confederation Log Home. We’re setting the standard for today’s log homes.

Splicing Method

Log Home Splicing Method1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame’s exclusive design features a foolproof end joint spline system. This method virtually locks the logs together making heat loss and separation impossible.

Thru-Bolt System

Log Homes Thru-Bolt System
Our new thru-bolt system consists of 1/2″ diameter steel rod threaded at both ends and inserted into pre-drilled holes, permitting future adjustments, to improve structural integrity and increase energy savings.

Hardwood Dowel Insert

Log Cabins Hardwood DowelSpecially engineered hardwood dowels are inserted around every window and door opening to allow for natural nestling of timbers.

Perma-chink Substrate

Log Cabins Perma-chinkIf you prefer a traditional log home look, chinked logs are available. 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame uses a perma-chink substrate. It looks like concrete, but it is actually a very flexible sealant. Adding another sealant can increase the air tightness of your home.

Tongue & Groove Joinery

Logs Tongue and Groove ConstructionOur tongue and groove log construction is one of the deepest contours available. When sealed with bonding rubber sealant, a double air lock is created protecting against heat loss and draft protection.

Dovetail Corners

Log Homes Dovetail CornersAnother exclusive feature is our dovetail corners. The machines used to cut these precise corners were created in our shops and a patent is pending. Patterned after the original dovetail corner introduced to North America in the 1700’s this water shedding design with its interlocking strength, is the envy of the industry.

Timberlinx Connection System

Timberlinkx COnnection SystemThis modern connection system is certified for tension and shear. It is completely invisible, drilled openings are covered by wood plugs which can be removed for later adjustment if necessary.

Timber Frame Options

Timber Frame Options1867 Confederation Log and Timber Frame offers structural or decorative timber frame design. Options include king, collar tie, hammer beam & scissor truss custom timber design with optional beveled edges and pendant carvings.