Leave Airbnb Behind And Build YOUR Own Dream Cottage

If you’ve ever rented a cottage you’ll know the feeling…

It seems just as you’ve finally submitted completely to the lazy days by the lake, stopped incessantly checking your email, even allowed yourself to doze off while reading a good summer read… suddenly, that cold stab of reality jolts your psyche as you realize, you have to start packing to go home.

Why spend only a few weeks on vacation each year when you can live a vacation lifestyle year-round with your own custom cottage?

Leaving the daily grind behind and escaping to a lakeside cottage for a getaway sounds like pure bliss. But if you’ve ever rented a cottage, you know the experience isn’t without its drawbacks. First, you’ll need to lock in a spot early (they fill up fast!) — and don’t forget about the hefty deposit and cleaning fees piled on top of the rental rates.

Or, maybe you’ve skipped the expensive rental route and have relied on invites to family and friends’ cottages. While the price is right, no one wants to be referred to as “The Mooch” as you wear out your welcome to friends’ cottages year after year. And let’s face it, it’s hard easing fully into a space that isn’t your own.

If you’re tired of expensive rentals and scoring last-minute invites to someone else’s getaway, maybe it’s time to build your own.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you design their perfect getaway. Design that incorporates their lifestyle, tastes and budget. Getaways that become the stuff of legend over the generations. Places where memories are made.

Before you take the plunge, read through the three questions below to help determine if building a weekend or summer retreat is the right choice for your family. If you find yourself nodding “yes” to each one, this new year may be the perfect time to begin the conversation about turning your cottage dreams into a reality:

Do you want to create a place to build lasting memories for your family?

Visiting a new destination during each vacation can feel adventurous at first, but returning to the same familiar cottage weekend after weekend and year after year will establish a special sense of place that can’t be duplicated.

With each visit, you and your family will find a deeper sense of comfort and connection, adding memories, like building blocks, to create an unshakeable legacy. Rather than a momentary event, the pilgrimage will become a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation when you own your own vacation home.

Do you want to vacation with freedom?

Owning your own cottage provides you with the freedom to slip away for the weekend at a moment’s notice, rather than stalking Airbnb weeks or months in advance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about deciding on where to go and what to do each time you need a break.

Your vacation home will be your instant go-to. (Simplified decision making for the win!) Now all you’ll have to decide is how long you want to soak in the bliss and who you want to bring along to enjoy it with you.

Think about how you might be able to live your life with a cottage designed just for you. With so many of us working remotely these days, a dedicated office might mean a whole summer in cottage country.

If you’re fantasizing about a walk-out with loads of windows, a spa-like master suite and a screened-in porch with a soaring stone fireplace, Confederation can make that happen.

And if that sounds a little grand and out of reach — I hear you. There’s nothing wrong with a cozy cabin with a couple of rooms, bunk beds for the kids and wood stove for cool fall nights. In today’s day and age, that might be considered “roughing it” but I doubt you’ll feel that way as you smell the charred goodness wafting from the barbeque on the deck.

Imagine — now you’ll be the one sharing your space freely with friends and family. Plus, no need to go through the repeated hassle of packing and unpacking supplies when you can store all of your personal belongings, from wardrobe items to outdoor toys, at home.

Do you want to invest in your future?

When you rent a vacation cottage, you’re opening your wallet to fund someone else’s financial future. But when you build your own getaway cottage, you’re creating value and making an investment that will benefit your family’s security over the long term. Plus, you’ll be a major step ahead when it comes to retirement planning. Paving the way for a smooth transition, you’ll already have the perfect retreat to retire to when you’re ready.

And with out-of-reach real estate prices in the city, the fact is more and more people are choosing to own their cottage and rent their city home. And coming full-circle to Airbnb, some are making their cottage dreams come true by renting it out when they’re not there.

If you’re primed and ready to at least consider your own cottage, let’s get you started with a few plans from cabin getaway to luxury retreat to get the juices flowing.

Then feel free to reach out… the hunt for the perfect plan ends here. Whether we customize a plan you love or start fresh, it’s all part of the package around here.