R Value and your log home – here’s a building tip that can save you money.

Ever wondered what the best bang for the buck is when considering R Value?  Well,  this may help…

Log & Timber Frame

Our designs usually consist of plans with lots of windows to enjoy the view of the lake, mountains, rolling hills, or overall picturesque side of the property.  However, people usually are more focused on the R Value of the logs themselves and consider going from 6″ to 8″ for an increased R Value.  Sticking with a 6″ log and upgrading the windows to triple pane, will increase the overall performance of the home.   Triple pane windows will have a 50% increase in R Value over double pane.  If budget allows, the 8″ or E Log with triple pane windows will be the highest R Value you can get in a log home, but the 6″ log and triple pane windows is a great way to increase the performance of your Confederation…This is LIVING!