Confederation’s Owner still helps customers erect logs? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Another Confederation is being built and that means another satisfied customer.  This project has the home owners building the entire project from start to finish.  So, in true Confederation fashion, we sent one of our craftsmen out to assist with the log construction.  In this particular case, it was the owner of Confederation, Rick Kinsman.  “It’s very rare to see the owner of a company out doing training, building, and log assembly, but I guess that’s one way to assure the logs will fit perfectly and we will have another happy customer at the end of the day,” says Sales Consultant Wayne Reid.

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Delivery inside logs up logs up outside Rick on site

This is just one example of the excellent customer service we provide at Confederation.  Rick has been with Confederation since day one, 34 years ago.  He actually designed, cut, delivered, and assembled the first Confederation that was ever built, so needless to say, his experience in doing it right and attention to detail is unmatched.  When we asked Rick how it went on site, he said, “it was fun.”  This has been Ricks attitude for decades and goes to great lengths in providing the highest quality product to our customers. THIS IS LIVING!!