The benefits of the dovetail corner

Confederation’s standard cornering system is the Dovetail.  For centuries this has been the premier cornering system for most wood joinery projects.  When compared to other cornering systems, you will see that the Dovetail has the most advantages…

Living Room - Dovetail Corner1.  Self Tightening: since the outside end of the dovetail is larger than the inside, it cannot be pulled apart and naturally wants to get tighter.

2. Sheds Water: the top portion of the dovetail is angled so water cannot rest on it.

3. Hidden Joinery: since the top and bottom part of the log is cut to form the dovetail, the joinery (in our case, the double tongue & groove) is not exposed on to the end.  Whereas a lap lock or butt & pass show the joinery at the end of the corner.

4.  Cosmetic Appeal: The dovetail corner is a work of art and we have many customers request to have interior corners in their Confederation Log & Timber Frame homes.