Having trouble with design ideas? We have you covered!

As everyone knows, the design of a home or cottage is as unique as the individual. However though, many people search endlessly for a design that is perfect for them. Guess what? It hasn’t been drawn yet.

That’s why every one of our homes are custom designed. And at no additional charge. Feel free to check out our gallery and plans page for concept ideas, but don’t feel you are stuck to just these. No no no! Change, modify, combine, add to, subtract from, or start from scratch. It’s all the same to us. 

Green Woods Green Woods

Still feel you need to see some examples before knowing what’s right for you? Not to worry. Call us to see our model home, a beautiful 2200 sq ft story-and-half, open concept, main floor master bedroom layout with tons of opportunities for customization. Move the fireplace for more openness, screen in the sunroom, add a basement….the options are endless. Over the years we have done countless different versions of our model home! Ask us for examples, we’re glad to share and discuss design ideas! Call today at 1-877-GO-2-LOGS (462-5647) or email at

This is LIVING!