Get the WOW Factor: 7 Design Details that Will Turn Your Log Home Up to 11

You’ve waited your whole life to build the home of your dreams, so settling for anything less than knock-your-socks-off perfect shouldn’t be an option.

If you’re needing a little inspiration to take your home to the next level, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up seven clever design tweaks that will move your new log or timber home up the scale from good to off-the-charts great.

More Wood = More Style

Your house is already made of wood, so adding more wood may not jump out as the first way to bring another layer of style to your new home. But trust us on this one. Timber accents are our favorite way to add flair to a log or timber frame design.

Adding finishing timber touches (think: posts and beams, decorative brackets, corbels, fireplace mantels, stair rails, etc.) pack a subtle but powerful design punch and can be customized to your budget and individual style.

Pro tip: opt for straight and angular accents for a modern look or choose curved and arched details for a traditional approach.

This kitchen was custom designed for the Revelstoke. Get the floor plan for this home.

Things are Looking Up

For Confederation clients who want to take their home’s design over the top, we suggest looking up – to their ceiling design, that is. If you haven’t thought much about the ceilings in your new home, you’re in good company. It’s common for the overhead space to become an afterthought, but ceilings offer an opportunity to make a major impact on the look and feel of your space.

Wood ceilings are a traditional choice in a log and timber home, but thanks to a multitude of wood options, they never have to be boring. There are endless ways to add unexpected flair and draw all eyes upward in your home.

A vaulted ceiling with tongue and groove and exposed beams is at once impressive and inviting. A lowered ceiling – say, the kitchen area under an open loft – can get a style boost with beadboard or exposed joists that maximize the feeling of coziness.

Or, think outside the box with finishes like corrugated aluminum or reclaimed timbers.

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Whichever material you choose, don’t forget to add your own style with color. Keeping your ceiling lighter than your wall and timber accents – whether with stain or paint – can create a feeling of spaciousness while a darker tone will give the space a more intimate vibe.

Once you’ve settled on your ceilings design, highlight your work with proper lighting. Include statement pieces, like chandeliers or pendant lighting, and accent lighting, like directional recessed cans, track lights, or spotlights, to show off the structural frame and decorative accents.

Say So-Long to Clutter

We’re going to talk closets here, but let’s talk universal laws first. Trust us; they relate. Entropy is the law that everything tends towards disorder, and nowhere is this law in stronger effect than in closets.

If you’ve ever lost a shoe under a jumble of clothes, let your closets become a chaotic catch-all for random storage, or just find yourself closing your closet doors and ignoring the clutter, your new home needs closets that will practically organize themselves.

Besides tossing some of those non-essentials, having a thoughtful design and organization system will help you easily maintain order and maximize storage space. To achieve the organized closet of your dreams (you know, the kind you see on Pinterest or Instagram), opt for smart features like built-in shelving and pull-out storage drawers, nooks, hooks and shoe racks.

Get Fired Up

Columnist Gladys Taber once said: “A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.”

And, apparently, Confederation folks agree.

Cozying up in front of a roaring fireplace consistently tops our client’s favorite things about their log and timber frame homes. Besides being the perfect spot to cuddle up with a good book, your fireplace can help reduce heating costs and create a natural focal point.

And, don’t forget that fireplaces can add warmth beyond the great room. Plan for a secondary fireplace in your kitchen, basement or master bedroom to add warmth and style.

Once you’ve settled on placement, customize the look of your fireplace by choosing the size – options include a small gas-burning fireplace, a dramatic floor to ceiling wood-burning fireplace or even a double-sided hearth – and the right materials that fit your space. Common finishes include everything from river rock and ledge stone to castle stone and dry stack.

Lastly, top it all off with a stone slab, timber beam or natural log mantle.

Make a Grand Entrance

This entrance was designed for the Ayer’s Cliff. Get the floor plan for this home.

Want your home to make a good first impression?

Creating a distinct entryway for your home will give it instant curb appeal. Framing your front entrance with timbers is a great way to add style to your home’s exterior.

With Confederation, entry design options are as customizable as the home itself, and can include everything from a simple covered entry to an eye-catching hammer beam entry to a curved timber frame awning.

Besides creating a focal point, a timber frame entryway can also create shelter, protecting your home’s front door – and you and your guests – from the elements. Sized right, your front entrance can accommodate rocking chairs, a bench or even serve as an outdoor mudroom.

Whether your vision for your entry is large or small, rustic or more modern, we can help you find the design that fits your new home and family.

Take it Outside

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In addition to a welcoming entryway, you can add style to your home’s exterior with stone accents, like a stone skirt or columns, or architectural timber accents like gable ends, eave braces, light brackets, or deck or porch railings.

Whether you want to make a subtle statement with a few decorative touches or go all out for that extra wow factor, we can show you ideas and help you settle on the features and placement that will create loads of curb appeal.

Stairway to Heaven

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Stairs are a functional party of any multi-level floor plan, but we think they deserve an elevation from their status as simple a way to get from point A to point B. With the right design, your staircase can take your room to another level – literally and figuratively.

From a grand design that draws all eyes towards itself and doubles as a work of art to a space-saving circular system, the options are nearly endless.

In a log home, log-style stairs are a natural go to. Personalize them to your style by varying the spindles and balusters; choose twig-style railings with their natural irregularities for a rustic look or finely handcrafted versions for a more elegant approach.

In a more contemporary timber frame home, try wood treads mixed with metal risers paired with a glass balustrade for a look that’s fresh and modern.

Feeling inspired and ready to move your home’s design across the fine line from good to great?

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