Development charges going up!

Big news coming out from the City of Kawartha Lakes as the development charges have been increased for any new buildings from $7,000 to approx $28,000.  This is a significant increase, but you still have time to get your drawings done and permit in hand before these prices come into effect on Jan 1st 2015.

Contact us at to get started with your drawings so you can secure your building permit before the fees go up.  Even if you are years away from building you can still get your permit, avoid the increased fees, and renew for a small fraction of the price.

There is more information on the City of Kawartha Lakes website at

Even if you aren’t building within the City of Kawartha Lakes it’s a good idea to get started on your drawings and obtain your building permit because other municipalities will likely be increasing their fees as well.  Contact us today!

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