What is Fractional Ownership?

You may have heard the term “fractional ownership” but what is it, and is it something you would consider when looking at building options? Well, to answer the second half of that question, the first part needs to be addressed.

cottage 2 outside Frontenac

Fractional ownership is pretty much what the title says, you own a fraction of a cottage. This allows you to use a set number of weeks per year as your very own home away from home. The weeks are set out at the beginning of the year so you have time to plan your holidays. 

“But wait! Isn’t that a timeshare?” 

Nope. A fractional is not a timeshare. Even though the two models do have some similarities, the difference lies in the ownership part. With a fractional, you actually own a part of the building. So over time, if the investment increases, you can yield a return. 

confed cottage

So now the second part, is this right for you? Well if you’re looking for a confederation that is built, on a lake, and in a secluded piece of eastern Ontario paradise, then you should check out Frontenac Shores (  There are 8 luxury Confederation cottages on site complete with 2 and 3 bedroom models, basement storage, open concepts, large decks with lakeside views, cathedral ceilings, large picture windows, a sauna, etc.  So if you are looking for an already built cottage with the quality of a Confederation, check out fractional ownership at Frontenac Shores!

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