Shocking! Living without hydro

Toronto Star features Newmarket couple spent $30,000 for a solar system that allowed them to go off the electrical grid.

Toronto Star logoDerek Zoldy and his wife Casey were shocked to learn it would cost $42,000 to get hydro service to the weekend home they were building in Haliburton.

That convinced the Newmarket couple to spend $30,000 instead for a solar system that allowed them to go off the electrical grid.

Though the Zoldys’ home sits just three poles away from power lines, it would have cost $20,000 for poles and wires. They would also have had to foot the bill for clearing a five metre right-of-way through their wooded property that used to be part of the apple orchard on the estate of Sir Samuel Hughes, the decorated Minister of Militia and Defence who led Canada’s military through World War I.

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