TIME SENSITIVE: Lock in your price on your 2018/2019 home

You know what they say about “death and taxes” right?

You can’t escape price increases either, as it turns out.

… Or can you?

Let’s do some time travel.

It’s fall 2019 — two years from now and you’re about to move into your brand new, custom-designed Confederation Log & Timber Frame dream home.

It’s as gorgeous as you imagined but that’s not the only reason you’re feeling so pleased with yourself.

Your log home package was locked in at 2017 prices.

This isn’t wishful thinking. This can be your reality. Here’s how it works…

Our Lock-In-Your-Price Offer

Get your home or cottage in our pipeline before the end of the year (that means design and deposit) and we’ll guarantee today’s pricing for any home that gets shipped in 2018.

Yep, that means you have a full year to take delivery of your home. (Remember, it doesn’t mean it has to be built, meaning you could be moving in anytime in 2019.)

And yes, that means when (not if) the cost of the materials goes up … you get 2017 prices – guaranteed.

Simple as that!

A couple of things to keep in mind:

If you’re like so many of our clients, your 2019 home feels like a while off. In reality, now is the time to start the design process – especially if containing costs is important to you.

The other reality check is our production schedule. Locking in your prices also means locking in a guaranteed slot in our busy production schedule for 2018.

It’s serious season for log and timber frame buyers  – timing is everything, after all.

If this has the wheels turning and you have a question about timing or the design process — anything — reach out, along with your phone number and we can walk you through your options. As always, no pressure.