An update from the first Confederation EEE Log

The first EEE Log is now up and being lived in.  So how is it preforming?  Well, here is an update.

During the summer Rich and Kim Kinsman didn’t have to use their air condition at all.  They left windows open at night and closed them during the day.  The log and triple pane windows did the rest, keeping the house down to an average 67 degrees.  This fall has seen similar results as their furnace hasn’t been turned on yet.  Only one, or two wood fires a day heats the house to a comfortable 72 degrees.

“You can tell the logs are doing their job, and doing it well” explains Kim.  “Having a fire is a beautiful way to heat a house, and if we can minimize cost, that’s all the better.”

The EEE Log is available as part of the Confederation Product Line.  email for more information!

Kim Kinsman