We’ve been in your shoes

When it comes to building, it can seem overwhelming.  Where to start?  Who will help me?  What will this cost???

Take a breath and rest assured that the Confederation team has you covered.  We have the experience, knowledge, and confidence to help you every step of the way.  This isn’t just something we say, we can back it up.

Our owners, the Kinsmans, built their first Confederation home in the mid 80’s on Horseshoe Lake in Minden.  From there, Rick and Bev built another one on Boshkung Lake in Carnarvon some years later.  Rick was with Confederation from day one in 1979.  He designed, cut, delivered, and assembled the first home we built.  So in terms of experience, we have over 35 years of it!

Today, Rick and Bev’s sons, Rich and Andy have built their own Confederations in Bobcaygeon.  Both sons have been active in the business for over 10 years.  Andy, VP of Operations is a licensed carpenter, and built his own house himself.  Rich, VP of Sales, oversees the sales, dealers, and marketing side of the business.  Each of their homes have their own unique design aspects and features which showcase the options that we offer.  Also, there was heavy involvement from the Kinsman’s for each of their builds.  “Even though I’ve built two homes for myself, I feel like I have built a lot more between my boys’ builds, and being involved with all our customers.  It never gets boring.”  says Rick.

Here is a pictorial history of the Kinsman’s building history with Confederation

Confederation Kinsman Horseshoe Lake
The Kinsman’s first Confederation. That little guy in the blue coat is our VP of Sales, Rich Kinsman


Confederation Kinsman Fall
Rick and Bev’s house on Boshkung Lake
Andy Kinsman's Confederation. Log and timber frame bungalow with stone walkout basement
VP Operations Andy Kinsman’s Confederation

Video: VP Operations Andy Kinsman’s Confederation


Rich Kinsman's Confederation
VP of Sales Rich Kinsman’s Confederation. E Log and Timber Frame with two tone stain

When looking for a log or timber frame home, choose the one with over 35 years experience!  Chose Confederation.  This is LIVING!