How to build a log cabin or home with confidence - we make it easy.

After nearly 40 years and thousands of happy homebuyers, we know the hardest part of building your dream log or timber frame home can be ... getting started.

So if you're wondering how to build a log cabin, here’s the good news - it’s easier than you think and we make it an exciting and fun process.

Take it from our customers the Firlottes:


We just wanted to write you and the staff of 1867 Confederation Log Homes a letter expressing our positive feelings towards your company and product. Between the quality of the product and the customer service and support I received from you and the staff, it was an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Every member of our team is dedicated to making it easy to plan, design and construct your log home - on budget. It’s part of our Total Log & Timber Frame Package. After all, buying a log home is more than choosing a log home kit.

Here’s how we’ll help you achieve your dream...

how to build a log cabin - illustration of a dart board ... Confederation will help you get there.


We’ll design the PERFECT home for you - and help you feel 100% sure

Most log and timber frame buyers are on the hunt for the perfect plan … perfect for your family, your lifestyle and your budget. So while we have over 100+ log home plans available on our website, here are a few very important facts about our design process:Ellwood-7053_5_7_adjust

  • Every home is a custom home.
  • In nearly four decades we’ve never built the same home twice
  • We’ve never built one of our plans exactly as shown and…
  • Our custom design process is included in your log home package

That’s one of the keys to our success and an army of happy home buyers - every one of them has a home that was designed for them!

So you may be wondering why we have 100+ plans on our site. This is a great place to start getting some design inspiration. Or you may have a plan from another log home company - send it to us we’ll gladly work from that.

Or you may have an idea of your ideal home in your head … our talented and certified designers can start with a sketch on the back of a napkin - seriously!

Find out how our own Rich Kinsman, VP Sales, worked with our designers to design his home along with pointers on accommodating your lot and deciding on basic needs in our Essential Guide: How to Plan & Build your Log Home email course.

From there we’ll work toward a more complete plan, make suggestions you may not have even considered that comes from years of designing homes.


Photo of Monica and Serge Gazzola and thier dog. Happy Confederation Log & Timber Frame home owners."We can not say enough about Matt, your designer and his attention to detail. He was very conscientious of things that we were not even considering."

- Monika & Serge



When the plan is almost final, we’ll create a 3D walk-through so you can experience your new home. It’s a game changer! Wondering what your cathedral ceiling will look like with tongue and groove versus drywall? With a couple of clicks, we’ll show you. It’s how we know you’ll be 100% sure about your custom plan.



Designed for your budget

We always say that “every home is a custom home”.  But “custom home” can sometimes read as “expensive home”.

But when we say “custom”, we mean designed for you. Designed for your lifestyle and for your budget. One of the greatest services we offer is our ability to work with you to produce a beautiful home that fits your budget.

It’s because our homes are custom that we can be competitively priced with almost all other all other custom builders.

We also build luxury homes for bigger budgets. That’s why when people ask ‘how much does a log home cost?’ our reply is “well, let’s talk about what you’re looking at and what your budget is and we’ll build the very best home for your budget.”

We’ll help determine your budget for everything, not just the log home package we ship to you. With your plan largely complete, we’ll produce our Budget Worksheet that lists everything you’ll need to finish the interior from fixtures to flooring and we’ll help you anticipate the range of costs based on your desired level of finish and our experience.


Here’s what happy Confederation Log Home and Timber Frame buyers Erika and Dave had to say:


They were diligent in providing us with top-notch service. Continuous effort was made to stay within our budget yet still provide us with the design we desired. Every phone call and email were answered quickly and professionally.

Be sure to sign up for our 5-part email course - Our Essential Guide on How to Plan & Build Your Log Home where we talk about price per square foot, financing and designing for your budget.

Timber Frame: Two ways to get the ‘WOW’


How to build a log cabin ... this photo shows the wow that timber frame accents lend. Learn how Confederation helps you get the wow for less.
Decorative Timber Frame

Part of the design phase might include timber frame or timber frame accents. A true timber frame home is a “structural timber frame” home and is also known as post-and-beam or post-and-plates. It’s structural because the log posts that meet the timber beams overhead and connect to the roof truss actually support the house. It provides a skeleton for the home and then walls are built inside of this structure. It’s essentially a house within a house. And that’s what makes it more expensive than a traditional log home.

There’s no denying the wow factor of timber frame and here’s the good news: say hello to “decorative timber frame”. It can provide all the “wow” at a fraction of the price. Put our experience and expertise to work for you … get the wow within your budget!

Here’s a tip: our design phase is included in your package - it’s worth repeating. You may think you’re a couple of years away, but your timing may be closer than you think, when you factor in the time to design your home with our designers. But be forewarned: once you virtually enter your new home in the 3D walkthrough … you won’t be able to wait. (We’ve seen it a time or two!)

At the end of the design phase, you’ll end up with official blueprints that will guide the entire process - no expensive architects required!


Our cottage is very personalised to us – something that we couldn’t have done with a standardized package. And most importantly – you offered us all of that within our budget – something your competitors couldn’t match.

-John & Dorothy

Learn more about design options and log vs. timber frame in our
Essential Guide: How to Plan & Build your Log Home email course.



Helping you get your home built and finished

As we’ve mentioned before, we are not in the “log kit” business - we’re the total package business - custom design, an industry leading package of materials determined by your finalized plans, and all the support you need to get the shell erected and the house finished.

We’re not done, until you’ve realized your dream.


Months after final payment, they are still readily available to make the time to answer all our questions. Confederation developed more than just a business relationship with us. They truly made us feel as though our house was the most important project they had.

-Dave & Erica


Getting your home constructed is important to us - we want you to be happy and we’ve developed processes to help you get there .. no matter which route you plan to take. So let’s dive in and take a look at your options.



Option 1: Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

How to build a log cabin - illustration of a pencil and ruler. Custom designed for your budget is included at Confederation Log & Timber FrameIt probably won’t surprise you that this is the most economical route. Erecting the shell with some helpers and finishing the interior over time is the route about 10% of our buyers take. If you’re wondering if this is the route for you it’s important to note DIY’ers are almost always contractors by trade or have a lot of home building experience.




This illustration of a drill from our How to Build a Log Cabin article talks about using your own builder. Confederation Log & Timber Frame.


Option 1.5: I’m going to use my own builder

We’ve labelled this choice “1.5” because unless your chosen builder has log home building experience, he’s much the same as our friend “the DIYer” above: an experienced builder but new to log home assembly.


Here’s what we offer both:

Confederation is committed to your success. For our DIYers, we host special educational days here at our head office to teach you all the tips and tricks of the log trade that will help you erect your shell like a pro.

You’ll also receive a how-to manual that we’ll review together. It’s a great chance to ask any questions. We’ll look at things that are specific to erecting log homes, like rolling the logs into place to preserve the seals, for example.

And we even visit your site as you get started to make sure everything goes just right (within reason... is your property in Tanzania? Ok, that may be an issue).


Option 2:
Choose from Confederation’s list of preferred builders

Illustration of thumbs up. In our How to build a log cabin article, Confederation discusses our list of preferred builders.


If you, like the ninety percent of our home buyers, are happy to have an experienced contractor erect your log home for you, we can help with that.

We have a number of experienced and qualified builders we’re happy to recommend. In fact, once you’ve chosen a contractor, you’ll hire them directly; there’s no additional administrative or “middle-man” fees. And just like our DIY builders, we’ll be there to support you and your builder every step of the way.

We have an extensive list of builders in locations far and wide. Not here in Canada? No worries. We’ll help you find a local builder and ensure your home goes up as if you lived around the corner.


This checklist illustration is for those looking for a turnkey solution to the how to build a log cabin question.

Option 2.5:
Turnkey (AKA, the whole enchilada)

If you’re the type who knows where your strengths lie and would prefer to focus on what you do best while your contractor manages the erection of the shell as well as the interior finishing, then turnkey is for you.

However, if organization is your strong suit, working as the general contractor on the interior finishing could save you a pretty penny.



We discuss both options in greater detail in the fourth email in our new
Essential Guide: How to Plan & Build your Log Home email series.



Here’s how to get started

We end off where we started out: getting the ball rolling.

Really, the first step is choosing a log and timber frame company you trust, has experience, offers a total package (not just a kit), cares about what they do and about you.

After almost 40 years, the hard part for us is choosing the right accolade from our legions of happy customers to help you feel sure about your purchase. Customers that say things like this:


Confederation Log Homes has an expert professional team, and top notch skilled staff. It was so nice to be able to put our trust in you and Confederation to make this happen. The design is absolutely breathtaking and we will enjoy our new home for many years to come!!

-Bill & Cori


Please feel free to contact us as Michelle & I are more than willing to tell others of how 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame & Rich Kinsman have made our dream a reality.

-Michelle & Fidel


We understand what a big decision this is. So here are a few ways you can get started, meet with us and feel comfortable about working with Confederation Log Home and Timber Frame.

  1. Contact us directly. Call our VP of Sales, Rich Kinsman. We’re responsive and always interested to hear about your plans and answer your questions. Tel# 705-738-5131 or 1-877-462-5647.
  2. Come to one of our popular log home seminars (and find out why they’re so popular on our log homes seminar page).
  3. You can even take a private tour of our facilities and model home - your own private seminar! And we’re happy to accommodate you one-on-one. Contact Rich Kinsman at 705-738-5131 or 1-877-462-5647 or email to set it up.
  4. Visit us at a home show (and bring your plans or ideas).
  5. Complete our Getting Started Worksheet and help define what you’re looking for.