Log cabin kits -
How to get the TOTAL Package

It’s easy to get lost in the details comparing log cabin kits, part for part, between competing companies. After all, you’re looking for the best package for your money.

That’s not to say that the materials that make up the package aren’t important. It’s what we’ve spent nearly four decades refining and constantly improving.

In fact, Confederation Log and Timber Frame has always been committed to setting the standard with name brands that you would choose if you were selecting the various parts.

But if all you’re looking at are the parts that will arrive on the truck (an exciting moment, by the way!) - you’re missing some of the most important elements of the the package.

At Confederation we call it The Total Log & Timber Frame Package and it’s the difference between “a kit” and an ideal experience that produces beyond-your-expectation results.

So let’s dive in and figure out ALL the ingredients that deliver real value.

Interior of a Confederation Log Home - when you're shopping for a log cabin kit, get the total package.

What’s not on the truck can be as important as what is on the truck

Make sure you’re getting more than a standard log cabin kit.

That’s precisely why we call Confederation’s package the “Total Log and Timber Frame Package”. We want you to understand what really comes with our package. You have to look at the big picture because some of the most important parts aren’t on the truck but have tons of value.

So let’s dig in and take a look at the Total Package.

What you get in Confederation’s Package
(that’s not on the truck):

1. Custom Design

Every home (yes, every single one) is a custom home. Sure we have 100+ plans you can download but we know that your needs, your property and your budget are yours alone so every home we build is custom. We’ll even start from scratch - from your own vision of the perfect log home. And yes, that’s included in your package.

You’ll work directly with our certified designers experienced in log home design to perfect your plan. These are people designing plans every day so they bring a ton of value to the process and make suggestions you may not have considered and later wonder how you’d live without!

No expensive architects needed to achieve BCIN certified blueprints necessary for permits and trades.

2. 100% Confidence before your home goes into production

How can we be so sure that you’ll be sure? When you’ve finalized your plan, we’ll create a 3D walkthrough so you can experience your home … from any angle you choose.

Wondering what tongue and groove wood siding in the cathedral ceiling looks like compared to drywall - we’ll show you with the click of a mouse. This is how our homebuyers make important design decisions with confidence.

And yes, it’s also part of the package!


3. Total Support at every step of your journey

You don’t stay in business for nearly forty years without happy customers. Here’s our commitment to you from beginning to, well … it doesn’t really end!

  • Realistic (aka, honest, transparent) pricing - lowballing estimates is a terrible way to start to realize your log home dream.
  • Working with you to design a home around your budget. With our experience, we’ll figure out your budget and help you design the perfect home for that budget - from sky’s the limit to a bit more constrained … we’ll help you get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Training for Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) or your preferred builder who does not have log home experience. Hands on training days here at our manufacturing facility or on-site for those further afield along with our super-helpful manual is part of the package.
  • Support for your crew and trades - got a question? Need some input? Our support does not end when the truck with your home rolls down the road.
  • Experienced exporters - We’ve shipped our log cabin kits and worked with builders all over Canada, the US and as far away as Japan. We’ll get your home to your property.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers Dave & Erica had to say:

quote-backgroundMonths after final payment, they are still readily available to make the time to answer all our questions. Confederation developed more than just a business relationship with us. They truly made us feel as though our house was the most important project they had.

4. A 50-Year Warranty

Over the years we have refined techniques and introduced innovations to ensure our homes will stand the test of time. In fact, we believe in our homes so much that we’ll stand behind them for 50 years!

Our guarantee covers everything we manufacture for half a century. It doesn’t matter if you sell. Our guarantee stays with our product, for you and for anyone else who might live in it later.

5. Trust and Experience

Finally one of the most important components that turn log cabin kits into a Total Log & Timber Frame Package, is trust.

This is a tricky one because trust is earned. So here’s the good news: we have thousands of happy home buyers. So while we gladly earn your trust, our army of delighted customers who have realized their dream of the perfect log home, share their experiences like this…


No questions went unanswered, and the response time in getting back to us was always immediate, your patience with our endless changes, emails and telephone calls proves your genuine interest in meeting people's expectations and puts Confederation Log Homes in a league of its own.

- Bill & Cori


And if you would like to speak with one of our customers to feel good about choosing us, please let us know. We’re happy to make the introduction.

In the end, all of these services and intangibles are what make for a wonderful experience and beyond-your-expectation results as you create your perfect log home. That’s why we urge you to add them to your log cabin kit comparison.


What’s on the truck when it pulls into your driveway

Imagine this: the big day has arrived and the truck is pulling into your driveway with your new home - wherever in the world you live. This is what most consider the log home package. So let’s dive in and see what’s on the truck (and a couple of things that aren’t - and why that’s a good thing).

Exciting day - log home kits arrive! Here a Confederation Log & Timber Frame truck Delivers a Confederation Log Home

3 Things to love about our log cabin kits and timber frame package:

  • Brands names you’d choose for your home - Brands like Sikkens (stain), Weiser (locks), and KV (windows) for starters.
  • A complete kit - your crew is on site, your shell is going up and … now is not the time to find out you’re missing key components. If your custom package requires 643 components … you will receive 643 components! No need to run to the hardware store.
  • Just as important as what’s included in a standard package is what isn’t. What isn’t included can depend on your plan, design decisions made for your particular home, and things we know you can supply more affordably on your own. Custom design for custom budgets … it’s part of our commitment to you.

We wrote all about options you’ll want to consider in Email #3 in our super popular
Essential Guide: How to Plan & Build your Log Home including cost effective design and sourcing options. Be sure to sign up … we’re sure you’ll find it helpful.

Oh yes, the logs! You should know not all logs are created equal.

Confederation uses slow growing Easter White Pines for their log cabin kits - find out why this makes for a beautiful log or timber frame home.

It goes without saying the most exciting thing on the truck in your driveway are the logs. We’ll focus on this briefly because we know what we’re about to share with you is important to those who attend our monthly seminars.

We have to emphasize at this point that the quality of our logs is unsurpassed in the market. It’s a log home - it’s really important that you get the best possible logs!

Here’s what’s different about our logs

Our logs are Eastern White Pine (6x12 or 8x12) and that’s important because not all pines are equal. They grow in Northern Ontario where for many months of the year it’s very, very cold. And that means that they’re slow-growing which makes for tighter growth rings. And those tight growth rings make for very stable wood. These trees are cut in winter when there’s less moisture in them.

And here’s how our commitment to the ultimate logs continues: where others would get four logs out of a single tree, we get one. We only get one because we use the heart or “pith” of the tree to ensure that your logs will never split.

All logs have checks or cracks in them but they don’t travel through the heart or centre of the tree - it’s nature’s defence. So if you only use the centre - you don’t have to worry about splitting.

This is the Confederation’s gold standard for our logs and you can’t get any better.

Next, we naturally dry our logs for 2 years in our storage facility. It may be slow, but kiln drying green wood, the standard for some companies, is a sure way to end up with warped and cracked wood. What we end up with is a nice dry log that’s gone through any shrinkage - before it goes into production.

Finally, these premium logs get no less than 7 inspections as they make their way from storage to your new home. At each stage they must pass the quality assurance test before it makes it’s way to the next stage of cutting and preparation.

Why not come and see for yourself. If you’d like to tour our production facility, see our logs patiently drying until they 100% are ready for your new home, we would be delighted for you to be our guest.

You can also check out the details of our log cabin kits including:

  • the subfloor
  • log details
  • Posts
  • Roof
  • Gable Ends/Dormers
  • Soffit & Fascia
  • Windows, Doors & Locks
  • Exterior trim
  • Interior walls

Confederation Log Home and Timber Frame Model HomeSo now that you know that there is SO much more than a checklist of parts - that it’s the “Total Log & Timber Frame Package” that makes for an enjoyable, stress-free experience and total satisfaction - why not attend our popular Log Home Seminar? We recommend signing up a few weeks in advance as they fill up quickly and space is limited.

Had I started researching Confederation Log Homes first, I would have saved months of time, as there was no need to look at the other four companies we studied.

Dave & Erika