Log Homes are Green Homes

Energy Star logoA Confederation Log Home is a green home. After all, it’s made from nature’s finest renewable resource – wood. Our log cabins are energy efficient by design – from our airtight construction to placement on your lot taking advantage of sun and shade, a log home provides a classic appeal with all the latest technical and environmental advantages.

In fact, 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame is the first log home manufacturer in Canada to receive Energy Star approval.  Confederation has a history of innovative technology and is also the only log home in Canada to have received a CCMC rating that exceeds requirements for allowable air tightness so it wasn’t a challenge to conform to the requirements of the Energy Star system.

The first-of-its-kind in Canada, the Engineered Energy Efficient Log – or EEE Log – by 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame, more than doubles the R-Value of natural wood. See video below:

We want to assure you of our ongoing commitment to innovation, energy efficiency and our respect for the environment in all aspects of our business.


  • Rick Kinsmasn of Confederation Log & Timber Frame is presented with Energy Star certification
    Rick Kinsman of 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame is presented with Energy Star certification

    Logs are a natural product: recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable

  • FSC certified sustainable forested wood, suppliers are required to meet standards for cutting and re-planting
  • Locally grown trees reduces our carbon footprint due to transportation energy
  • Air dried, as opposed to kiln dried which uses huge amounts of energy
  • Thick log exterior walls mediate temperature differentials and improve energy efficiency
  • Log walls eliminate the necessity for an interior wall that contains vapour barrier, drywall and paint, all materials that can produce toxic fumes and promote the growth of mould
  • Low VOC stain finish interior and ext provides healthy air environment


  • Only log home manufacturer in Canada to receive a CCMC rating that exceeds requirements for allowable air tightness
  • Water shedding dovetail corner
  • Deep tongue and groove construction combined with sealant creates a double barrier for heat loss and draft protection
  • Proprietary window and door installation system
  • Through-bolt tightening system


  • Certified sustainable design & construction staff member
  • Passive solar designs custom designed for each client to suit lot
    large overhangs for sun and precipitation protection
  • Custom windows incorporate abundant natural light and ventilation
  • Substantial decks and porches blur boundaries between interior and exterior to provide natural environment
  • Highly efficient windows and doors and an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) unit conform to the requirements of the Energy Star system

Waste from the manufacturing process

  • Saw dust is collected through a vacuum system and stored in a dry silo, the saw dust is picked up by a group of local farmers and used for animal bedding in their live stock operation. It is all clean and dry sawdust as we have not treated the raw material with any type of pesticide
  • Dry log ends and Dove Tail off cuts are bagged with recycled bags as they come off the cutting equipment and sold to local camp site facilities to provide fire wood to campers. This saves our forest by reducing the amount of trees cut just for camp fires
  • Any short pieces of the logs are stacked on pallets and sold to marinas, they use the log blocks to store boats on over the winter. These blocks last many years even untreated
  • Many pallets are reused to send material to jobsites
  • We re-use lumber wrap we receive to cover out going shipments, we re-use pallets we receive for out going shipments
  • Any seconds of raw material is cut into useful shop material such as stickers (used to dry the logs), wood work horses to build the timber frames on, etc.


  • Do not print unless necessary
  • Reuse blank side of paper for other printing and note paper
  • Recycle printer cartridges to HP or Staples
  • Leave lights off in filing room when room not in use
  • Leave lights off when using computer monitor and not writing, and during hot days in summer
  • Turn heat down each evening and weekend.