The Firlottes

Dear Rich Kinsman,

We just wanted to write you and the staff of 1867 Confederation Log Homes a letter expressing our positive feelings towards your company and product.

We built our Confederation Log Home in the summer of 2008 and between the quality of the product and the customer service and support I received from you and the staff, it was an enjoyable and memorable experience.

We looked at all the other log home companies and actually had a deposit with (another log home company), but once we saw the quality of a Confederation Log Home and the inclusiveness in your package, we knew that’s what we had to build. You put out a quality product and you stand behind it.

We would certainly recommend to anyone looking at building a log home to build a Confederation Log Home. Your product, experience, quality, and customer service cannot be matched.

Thank you for all your help and providing us with a beautiful 1867 Confederation Log Home.


C and S Firlotte