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A Log Home For The Whole Family: Solving Life’s Challenges Through Thoughtful Design
There’s nothing quite like a pandemic to change the way we live our lives. And it’s not a stretch to say that some of the changes will stick — you know, the good ones like working from home wherever home is. Life is full of challenges and we didn’t need...
Log Home Maintenance: Expectations vs. Reality
If you’ve been in the log home market for a while, you’re likely no stranger to some less-than-flattering opinions surrounding log home maintenance: “Maintaining a log home is time consuming and expensive.” “Log homes may look good at first, but that won’t last long.” “Log homes are prone to pests.”...
The Secrets Behind a Successful Log Home
Designing and building a custom log home is your dream. But, the truth is, building a dream home can turn into a nightmare if you don’t choose your log home company carefully. Unfortunately, we’ve heard enough of those “gone south” stories from folks who have turned to us for help...
Log Home Foundation Options: Take Your Pick
As part of our focus on getting your home built… we’re turning our attention to something pretty foundational to a successful build… literally your foundation. Choosing the right foundation for your log or timber home lays the groundwork for a successful build. It’s been said a building is only as...
Let’s Talk About the Logs in Our Log Homes…
The eastern white pine trees used to harvest our logs are grown locally — and exclusively for Confederation — in northern Ontario. We’ve used the same supplier for decades due to their commitment to reforestation and harvesting trees in a sustainable and responsible way.
The Welsh’s Log Home: 15-Year Review
Owning a Confederation log or timber home is about more than owning a quality, sustainably-built structure, it’s about creating a connection to nature and the ones you love the most. But don’t take it from us. Here’s the story of fifteen-year veteran log homeowners, Gary and Rigita Welsh. Building a...
Logs vs. Timber Frame: Take the Quiz
Pop quiz time! If you’re ready to take the plunge into creating the perfect log or timber frame home, but not sure which one is right for you, our log and timber home questionnaire below can get you started in the right direction. Don’t worry, you don’t need a cheat...
Size Matters: How to create functional living space without expanding your home’s footprint.
(Or… how to get more for your money.) If building a log or timber frame home that lives large without actually being large is one of your goals, we’ve got good news: All it takes to maximize space in your home without expanding your footprint is careful planning and a...
Leave Airbnb Behind And Build YOUR Own Dream Cottage
If you’re tired of expensive rentals and scoring last-minute invites to someone else’s getaway, maybe it’s time to build your own.
Why Bungalows Are Making a Comeback
We break down why the bungalow — or ranch home — is a smart design choice and how you can make a bungalow floor plan fit you whatever style or stage of life.
Our Top 6 Floor Plans of 2019
See the six most popular, most downloaded plans of the year.
How Gary & Cindy got all the bells and whistles (without increasing their budget)
To build or to buy? Finding the perfect house in the ideal location is not easy. See how Gary and Cindy’s decision to build gave them everything they needed and more.
Designing Your Ideal Kitchen
Get inspired with planning tips and ideas for designing a custom kitchen, and enjoy a tour through eight of Confederation’s top kitchen designs.