Confederation’s South of the border….down Columbia way

We have branched out yet again, this time working a local rep in Columbia to start marketing and promoting our homes.  We would like to welcome Alejandra (Alex) Romero Chao & Guillermo Ordaz Moreno to the Confederation team.

“This is a big opportunity for everyone involved,” says Director of Business Development, Mark Dunn.  “Our homes are a great fit in Columbia and since we have been shipping homes internationally for over 25 years, working there will come naturally to us.”

From talking to Alex, we found some interesting misconceptions about what Columbia is like.  “Columbia is a beautiful and very safe country with low humidity so the environment and landscape is a perfect match for log homes.  We have a marketing plan and shipping ports in place, so I look forward to establishing a long term relationship with Confederation.”

Alex 2

Needless to say there is  a long line at Confederation for who gets to do the first site visit in Columbia.  You can get in touch with Alex on our Dealer Page or by contacting our Head Office at….This is LIVING!