We design and build manufactured log homes.

Always custom. Amazing support. The Total Package.

We know that shopping for manufactured log homes can be a daunting task. After all, this is your dream home we’re talking about. You can’t trust just anyone with something this big.

We’re honoured you’re here and we’d like to help you on your way to the perfect log home. Here’s an easy way to get to know a bit about us, our homes and …

The 3 main reasons people choose Confederation


Custom Design, every time
We customize every plan - yours, ours or from scratch. Our design team and service is included.

Learn about the perfect plan here.

manufactured log homes experience

Experience & Reputation
Our expertise comes from nearly four decades designing and building log homes. Our reputation comes from our unmatched commitment to our homebuyers.

The Muskokian | Confederation Log Homes

More than a kit: The Total Package
We’ve spent years refining our log home kit but our total log and timber frame package goes way beyond logs and windows to include a design team and guidance and support for you and your builder.

“We would certainly recommend to anyone looking at building a log home to build a Confederation Log Home. Your product, experience, quality, and customer service cannot be matched.”
C&S Firlotte

The types of log and timber frame homes we build


Custom Log Homes

From large and dramatic to cozy and luxurious cabins, every Confederation log home and its owners enjoy the same attention to all the little details that make a custom home perfect for you. The perimeter or shell walls are log on the inside. The other walls in the house can be wood cladding or drywall for a more contemporary look. We’ll help you hit just the right design note in our design studio - part our Total Log & Timber Frame Package.

Custom Timber Frame

There’s no denying the wow factor of timber frame. A true timber frame home is a “structural timber frame” home and is also known as post-and-beam or post-and-plates. It’s structural because the log posts that meet the timber beams overhead and connect to the roof truss actually support the house. It provides a skeleton for the home and then walls are built inside of this structure. It’s essentially a house within a house. This means the perimeter walls on the inside of the house could be log or drywall. And the exterior of your home could be a mix of stone and logs.

Full view timberframe truss under roof
Decorative timber frame - a gorgeous enhancement in this Confederation Log & Timber Frame home

Log Homes with Timber Frame accents

This is a cost effective way to get all the wow of timber frame. Exterior or interior, we can help you integrate decorative timber frame to suit your budget. Put our experience and expertise to work for you … get the wow within your budget!

Choose from a selection of log profiles

8 x 12 Square Log


6 x 12 Square Log


8 x 12 Double D Log


8x12 D-Log


8" EEE-Log


IMGP0392Confederation log homes are built with milled double tongue and groove logs in two sizes:  6x12 and 8x12. Planed logs make it easy to hang artwork, cabinets, mirrors and provides a clean look inside and out. We can also provide a D-log - flat on the inside, rounded on the outside, or a double D log. We take our logs seriously - learn why not all logs are equal.

We use precision milling techniques to ensure our logs overlap and lock tightly together to create an airtight log shell. Combined with three seals on every log, it creates a home so energy efficient we were granted the first ever Energy Star rating for a log home.

We ship so much more than homes including cottages, boat houses, additions to existing homes, garages, gazebos and commercial and retail buildings. We can design anything.


We ship our log homes all over the world!

You’ll find Confederation’s manufactured log homes from Japan to Germany, Italy, Spain and of course all over Canada and the US. We’re expert exporters and work with our network of Confederation preferred builders near and far. If you’re building your home yourself or have a trusted local builder, we’ll provide training and if you’re in North America we often help kickstart your home onsite. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Learn more about how we help our buyers build their homes with all the support they need.

You might be interested in some awards & designations we've received

Log Home Living Magazine
Best Homes of 2015

Our Green Woods log home voted one of “13 Best Log Homes of 2015” by more than 400,000 voters.


obaa-sustainability-winner2015 Sustainability Award
Ontario Chamber of Commerce

This award is as meaningful for our buyers as it is for us. And it’s always great to be recognized but this award is particularly special to us for a couple of reasons.

energy-star-log-homeThe first in Canada to be Energy Star Certified
1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame is the first log home manufacturer in Canada to receive Energy Star approval.

log-home-seal-of-approvalLog Home Guide Seal of Approval
We are one of only 5 companies worldwide to have received the prestigious Log Home Guide Seal of Approval.


Manufacturer of the Year (2014),

Manufactured Home 1600-2500sq ft, Manufactured Home over 2500 sq ft, Custom Built Home over 2500 sq ft 

Peterborough Home Builders'

We're a family business

Confederation is a log home family businessWe understand the allure - the dream - of a log home. We understand the love of log homes so much that we’ve dedicated our lives to building a business that helps families just like ours make it their reality too.

Our dream came true in 1979 and now the second generation are in their beautiful log homes with their families.

Our job is to make your journey to your perfect log home as stress-free as possible. After almost forty years, we’ll help you get where you’re going and enjoy the ride!

We’re committed to your total satisfaction because no award or accolade is more important than the numerous letters and emails from happy customers with comments like this:

“I’ve done 3 things right in my life; marry my wife, start my business, and build a Confederation Log Home.”
Al Kaminsakas, Toronto

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you go from dream to reality and enjoy the process, here's what to do next...