John & Dorothy

Dear Rich,

Dorothy and I spent almost a decade mulling over the decision of whether to buy a cottage or build one from scratch.  And we spent years debating which company to go with (Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, etc., etc.).

We’re convinced we made the right choice going with CL&TF.  We believe that we got a more customised cottage with features like:

  • The three trusses
  • The exposed beams in the kitchen (with our boys’ names carved on them)
  • The cut‐out from the kitchen up to the second floor.
  • The last minute addition of the screened in porch.

So our cottage is very personalised to us – something that we couldn’t have done with a standardised package.  And most importantly – you offered us all of that within our budget – something your competitors couldn’t match.

We’re grateful to you & CL&TF for making a very important dream of ours come true.  Some of the other ways that you helped us:

  • You provided us with options to allow us to stick to our budget.  When we couldn’t afford a full log cottage you provided log siding as an option.  When we couldn’t afford a timber frame cottage you suggested timber accents & trusses.
  • We went through many, many revisions of our blueprints until we were 100% happy.
  •  We’re very happy with the quality of materials used.  Every time I see those trusses in the great room or the beams across the dining area or the posts supporting the deck I’m struck by the size & solidity of it.  Beautiful wood everywhere.  Even things like the doors & the trim (where you could have cut corners) look great.
  • And of course, your builders (Cedarwylde) did a great job.

Merry Christmas Rich!



And a follow-up letter from John & Dorothy

Dear Rich,

Our cottage is awesome! We had so many people stop dead in their tracks in the middle of the lake to admire our cottage. The exterior log siding is stunning. Most people think it is a real log home.

The interior is equally as impressive as the exterior. Your designers did a tremendous job in designing spacious & well proportioned rooms. The hand crafted solid wood beams and trusses are the reason we came to CL&TF & we were not disappointed. Ours is grand in both scale and beauty. We made only a few small changes in the construction phase. We switched up some of the windows & moved the entry to make way for a pantry & 2 closets. We made one room cathedral and we put in 2 closets in empty wall cavities.

We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays in our new home away from home. We will have many happy memories there. It is everything we ever dreamed of and more. Thanks for helping to make that happen.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday & a happy new year.

John & Dorothy

P.S.- stop by for a visit if you are in the neighborhood